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(with regards to W. Somerset 
Maugham and Charles Bowden)Diana cazadora de choferes
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I cut white marks into black surfaces with a knife. Called sgraffito, my drawing method originated in 13th century German wall decoration, and later was used to embellish ceramics in 16th century Italy.

My focus is Ciudad Juarez. In this city one sees fiction in action, even an hour is time enough to blend truth with myth. I have traveled to sites of recent executions, photo-documented known “death houses” where members of the Juarez cartel have tortured, murdered and buried fellow citizens. To the west of Juarez I have visited an asylum for the city’s disinherited. This makeshift refuge is the distillate of the city and houses some 115 souls.

I have been to the Juarez morgue, witnessed the autopsy of a young man fresh from his execution, wandered among the unidentified corpses in the freezers, seen the guns and bullets and maggots and broken instruments of torture pulled from shallow graves.