artworks > Abecedario de Juárez

General Felipe de Jesús Espitia, Juarez, desaparecido
Bienvenidos al taller mecánico
sgraffito drawing with acrylic and gesso
11 x 14 inches

Four military officers were charged with the November 14, 2008 disappearance of brothers José Luis and Carlos Guzmán Zúñiga. Court documents reveal that General Felipe de Jesús Espitia, Commander of the Joint Operation Chihuahua confirmed that an elite group of soldiers called "The Mechanics" performed ‘dirty work’ inside the barracks and then threw corpses in the streets. These same documents indicate that the torture chambers on the Juarez army base were called “El Taller”. See: Carlos Huerta, “Usaban grupo de élite para desaparecer y matar civiles”, Norte de Ciudad Juárez, Pág 1, Secc. A, mayo 7, 2015.