artworks > Abecedario de Juárez

sgraffito drawing on panel
10 x 8 inches

P is for Pelones (los): sicarios that were originally assembled by the
Beltran Leyva brothers for the Sinaloa Federation

P is for Perico or cocaine. A parrot. Nickname based on the idea that
it "goes up the nose".

P is for pez gordo (m.): big fish, big boss

P is for PGR: La Procuraduria General de la Republica. The institutional
agency of the Mexican Attorney General

P is for pist: the 'game'. Literally, 'the track' as in racing.
Refers to the business at hand.

P is for Plaza: Territory, turf. Can also refer to the product being
moved or in dispute.

P is for PROCAMPO: Federal program to provide financial support for
farmers and ejiditarios. Recent revelations indicate that it has been
a cash-cow for agribusiness and PRI party members. Little of the
original program (to provide irrigation etc.) has benefitted the
poorest farmers.

P is for Project Gunrunner: US DOJ and ATF plan to disrupt illegal flow
of guns from US into Mexico.